As the new year approaches the prospect for fresh beginnings present themselves once again. It is like a reset button!  A chance to jump start some new habits and cut loose some bad habits. On January 4th, 2021 we will participating in a reset called the “10 Day Detox”by Standard Process.

Why detox? Why 10 days?

  • Detoxing -becasue we are all inundated with toxins from -polution, cosmetics , processed food , artificial sweeteners, medications…
  • 10 days is the Goldie Locks of time frames: not too long- but long enough to reset some new habits and get a grove going.

The 10 Day Reset is simple. We will be partnering with SP and they will be sending support emails, give you access to blogs and other great support info to help you change your health habits.

How do you know you need it?

  1. Low energy
  2. Bloating, gas (either end!) :), acid reflux with eating
  3. Can’t lose weight even though you are eating a good diet
  4. You are on multiple medications
  5. If you have metabolic syndrome, have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, have belly fat and/or have high triglycerides/cholesterol.
  6. Diarrhea or constipation

The detox is focused on cleansing the liver and colon.  Remember the first 4 letters in liver are LIVE. I always say you can go brain dead and the medical establishment can keep your heart beating, but you can’t go liver dead and survive. The liver is involved in just about every metabolic process. It is the main detoxifier in the body so if it is backed up-you will be backed up.  It is the only organ that actually burns fat. In other words, you aren’t going to lose weight if you have a sick liver.

Sp Detox is a shake that is taken 1-3 times a day with water, or however elaborate you want to make it. It supplies the nutrients your body needs to facilitate the body’s natural detoxifying process. This is a plain and simple feeding of what you need.  For just 10 days, you will also eliminate wheat, sugar, and milk. These can be added back in after 10 days.

Included is: One tub of either Chai flavored or Plain SP Detox, a detox guide which has recipes, food suggestions and detox education, and SWAG bag from Standard Process.

We love this Detox. It is simple to follow, easy to implement, and comfortable to experience.

We will be carrying the detox at our office. Please join the detox challenge and click here if you would like their email support as you participate.