I asked a a patient the other day what percentage improvement she had experienced. After a pause to think about it, she replied, “83%”.  I said, “WOW that is incredibly precise!” She really knew herself.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” Lao Tzu

We all need to become enlightened regarding our own health.  We need to really listen to how we feel; listen to the language the body speaks in.

For example:
What happens after I eat? – Do I bloat, get gas, get sluggish, have reflux?
What do my bowel movements look like? – Stinky, float, sink, undigested food?
What does my skin look like? – Do I have allergies, eczema, acne?
What is my energy like? – Am I the energizer bunny or a turtle?

Start listening to your body and become enlightened to what you need to live optimally.  When you live this way you feel empowered.

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Next month is GUT month where I will be giving a series of tips to help restore gut health. A healthy gut is actually the key to a healthy immune system.

In the infinite game of health, you have to form habits for the long haul. Wellness comes from being enlightened about your health from within your body.  We will start next month from the inside out with the gut!

I have a gut feeling you will like it.  How could I not use that?! 🙂


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