I was accused of having no heart because I had gut month over Valentine’s Day instead of heart month! Hey at least I have guts 🙂 But guess what-your guts can sense and feel too! In fact, your gut is considered the second brain.

The Vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) comes out of your skull and slips through your neck, expanding all throughout your abdominal cavity to innervate your internal organs. It is a backup electrical system to the spinal nerves that supply your organs. It also provides direct, unfettered access to the brain. So whether you eat wisely or poorly, your brain knows it before it has even been absorbed.

Gut Instinct

This week I had a young patient that presented with a condition that was not a chiropractic issue. In trying to get her to the right doctor to diagnose the problem, her mother and I used our gut feeling as much as our brains. It helped us in deciding which route was best to refer her. This sped up the process to finding the right path considerably. Using your gut feeling is not shooting from the hip because your mind is not solely your brain. Your mind (YOUR AWARENESS) is in every cell of your body.

If you only process things through your brain, you are missing input from the rest of your body.  The “gut instinct” when listened to can be a very powerful tool, especially when coupled with the knowledge your brain has to give.  And just like you can get brain fog -you can get gut fog too!

Your guts become foggy when you eat in a S.A.D. way (the Standard American Diet). High refined carbs mixed with poor quality protein and refined vegetable oils is the main reason for just about every health issue in the country. So please, try to couple some of the tips we have given over the last 2 weeks and will continue to give to help lift the fog.

The clarity of your mind and gut depends on it.

So please don’t accuse me of being the Tin Man…I do have a heart!

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