Yesterday morning my cousin and I were having a phone conversation and she asked my opinion on a treadmill. We talked about how often she uses it and a few other features including cost. At one point she said, “I use this daily and I consider it an investment in my health.”  BAM! I knew right then and there I had my newsletter 🙂

If at age 20 you invested $1,000 at 8% interest and invested another $100 a month it would be worth $512,000 at retirement age of 65 years old. You would have invested only $54,000 total to accumulate half million dollars; meaning that every dollar became ten dollars.

If you started at 60 years of age and invested a total of $54,000 for five years at the same interest rate, you would end up with less that $80,000…$430,000 less than the steady, long term investor.

Do you see were I am going with this? Your health is true wealth!!  Each healthy decision you make is equivalent to your $100 investment in your retirement. Small and steady but building a foundation for future growth. In fact, add $25 a month to your investment and your retirement is now $630,000…$120,000 greater. Exponential growth!

So, invest in a great mattress, wonderful running or walking shoes, a great bike, in whole foods, in good entertainment and in effective supplements sooner rather than later.

The time value of money is the same as the time value of health. The sooner you invest in your health, the greater opportunity for your health to build. The neat thing about heath is that most of your investments don’t require any money.  Walking, drinking more water, breath work, yoga, going to bed a half hour early, etc. All of these free life choices compound your health wealth $$$$$  Cha-ching.

We do it all wrong in this country. I am so tired of patients coming in saying, “My doctor said I am not bad enough to treat yet.” Meaning you’re bad, just not bad enough. Frankly that is crazy and expensive! Did I say expensive? It is really expensive not only in money but in quality of health wealth. Sometimes you wait too long and now you have to manage disease instead of creating health.

So inquire about healthy options when you visit your doctor. Ask us what options you have for healthy living that pertain to your health issues. All health care practitioners should be empowering you to invest into your health. Here at Francis Chiro, we have many nutritional and exercise protocols that can help you heal many health issues so please ask.

Our website has many of the exercise videos available. Our website also has access to a home delivery option for ordering supplements from Standard Process.

I have had hundreds of elderly patients over the years say, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” So invest in your health-it is advice you can BANK on.