Are you in pain? We can all agree pain sucks! Are you feeling stuck in the suck? One of my favorite patients shared something he learned in the military:

“Embrace the suck”

What the military has taught is that the tough times are where the lessons are learned. It is the time when your attitude and habits need to change.

Is your health stuck in the suck? Well let’s learn from it! Let’s look for the cause, not for the band aid.

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that you need to change something in your lifestyle. When you learn that lesson it will change the quality of your life.

Hey your life depends on it! I’m going to talk a little about COVID deaths now. Please understand that when you talk stats about health and death, it is about numbers. Each persons’ life is valuable and any death from any cause can be tragic or, in the case for the long term sufferer, it can be a blessing.


Information is starting to roll in now that we are a year into COVID from the CDC. In 2020 the death toll from COVID (345K) is ranked third behind Heart Disease (690k) and Cancer (600K) for leading cause of death. Meaning the man walking past my office with a mask on, who then pulled it down, took a drag of a cigarette, and put his mask back up is probably worrying about the wrong thing. YIKES! Nothing like hot boxing yourself to get the most out of your cancer stick.

Obviously as a new comer, COVID made quite a splash but you are four times more likely to die from cancer or heart disease.

The next stat from the CDC website is that 94% of the deaths had an additional four comorbidity factors. Meaning statistically, we are all not equally likely to have bad outcomes from COVID. Now that doesn’t mean you should be flippant about getting COVID, but you should be trying to optimize your health regardless.

What the government data shows is that the combination of age and ill health is deadly with COVID. Of course there are always outliers but, if you have multiple diseases, especially if you are aged, then you need to do everything you can to achieve a healthier existence so you don’t become one of the stats.

We operate under the understanding that God gave us a unique ability to self heal and defend ourselves from harm. When our health sucks we can always make it better through life-style changes. We have tools to help you if you are “stuck in the suck”.

Do you need help identifying which lifestyle factors need to change in your life? Reach out to us- we’ve got your back!


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