“It is not what you eat but what you eat ate!”
This quote is from one of my favorite books, In Defense of Food by Micheal Pollan. The above picture of my three egg breakfast speaks to this. Two eggs were from true free range chickens whereas the third was store bought.  Eggs are great for health!

An egg is an egg right? Well not eggxactly 🙂 Can you see the difference? The two on the bottom had much richer taste, texture, and color because the chickens ate better nourishment.  Increased quality of nutrients translates not only to better eating but far superior micronutrients to support all of your body’s demands for repair and maintenance.

I treat a farmer who I was trying to improve his diet to help him heal from multiple health ailments. He was set in his ways and resisted change. Then last year I asked him how his cows were producing and he said, “Fabulous! They are eating the good hay!”  When I questioned him on what that meant he said that the particular cutting of hay that the cows were being fed had a higher nutrient value so the cows yielded not only more but better quality milk.

I jumped on that and challenged him “So if it works for your cows why wouldn’t it work for you?  Do we have to milk you to get you to see the difference?”  He saw the light and is reaping the rewards of better health.

Nutrients are the building blocks of health.

I received the text message below from a surgeon who did multiple surgeries to repair broken bones on a patient we both see who was in a serious car accident.

“Wow! Youth and a little help from old Dr. Dan and my patient healed up like gang busters. Whatever supplements you gave, I should get a protocol started. He is young, but so many of my patients are older and have poor poor nutrition.”

We use different nutrients as tools to help facilitate the body’s healing. We have protocols that we use pre and post surgery, for athletic injuries, gut protocols, for stress and many other issues. The Doctor above gave me credit but the patient’s body and the good nutrients from the supplements did the work! I just helped to arranged the marriage.

This Doc is right though-  If his patients overall had a better nutrient base these phenomenal results could be the norm.

Standard Process’ supplements are whole foods based and grown on beautiful, rich, black dirt that has been organically nourished for decades right here in Wisconsin. So like the chickens that gave me those wonderful eggs, all the foods in Standard Process supplements have been fed well themselves. This means potent complete nutrients to help us heal from whatever ails us.

Catalyn was the original base product meant to deliver complete nutritional support and we use as our multi vitamin.

Now a friend of mine was trying to convince me that his new favorite drink, Jack and cranberry juice, was the cure for bladder infections! This is not the protocol we use but I promised I would put him in my newsletter!


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