A dear patient of mine lost his wife this last week to a sudden illness. It breaks my heart because they were a wonderful example of what a marriage should be like. They were one of those couples that I would look at and say I want to copy their habits. In the receiving line at the wake I could hear him telling the people in front of me, “She really liked me.” Not bad after 50+ years right?!

Just like in relationships, in health we should also emulate people who seem to do it right. It ends up being their attitude and life habits that create outcomes that breed success. It isn’t luck, because there is no such thing. So look around you for people whose health you would like to emulate. Then get your skin in the game and aim high.

Remember this game of life goes fast, so don’t procrastinate.  We don’t know when our time is up and we cannot afford to waste time!

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