I had the opportunity to hold one of the Bucks’ championship rings this past Wednesday with my goddaughter Kathrine. What an incredible piece of jewelry! It got me thinking though, that if owner could have given it to me it wouldn’t have the same value to me as it would to him. Why? Because I don’t own the experience that earned it!

That reminded me of the first time I ever signed up for the Birkebeiner ski race. Unfortunately it was a poor snow year and they shortened the race to half the distance because of the conditions. I called to get my fee transferred to the next year and the representative told me that if I did it this year I would still get credit for the whole race! I told her about the mirror test, and that when I look in the mirror I will know I didn’t earn it, therefore I wouldn’t want that credit.

You don’t do things for the hardware you can gain, you do them for the experience! The hardware may help you with the experience but it doesn’t define it.

You earn the health you experience. There is no pill or surgery that can cure you instantly. The experience of obtaining health is part of the joy of healthy living.

Which is why, when I make a recommendation on a supplement it will always be accompanied by a lifestyle recommendation.  I know that if you earn it then you own it!

So…go get your ring 💍

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