Above is a picture of my mother-in-law, Nancy, at her 90th birthday party with all 14 of her grandchildren! Wow! It’s crazy to think that when I met Dr. Jean, Nancy was Dr. Jean’s current age and only three of the grandchildren where born. Time passes, families expand, and as a result there is growth on many different levels.

Same thing is happening with our Francis Chiropractic family. I am very blessed to have two new part time employees. Kelly Klug will be a fill in receptionist so you never know when you will meet this smiling face but we are so happy to have her, and Sara Franzen will be filling two roles. She will be eventually working as a chiropractic assistant on Thursday afternoons but she will also be bringing her massage therapy practice to our office as well.

Sara has been practicing massage since 2001 and we are excited to have her wonderful talent and experience available for you at our office. Contact her directly to schedule your appointment on Monday’s or Wednesday’s by clicking the link below:
To book: click here

And if you didn’t see the announcement on Facebook or Instagram, I am going to be doing a live video on Wednesday at 12:30 talking all about fish oil. We carry a large variety and there’s a good reason for that. Comment a question on the post to enter to win a free bottle of fish oil or the Omega 3 testing kit.

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