When it comes to Vitamin D, the late John Denver had it right with his song, “Sunshine on My Shoulders”.  Vitamin D is so important that God created us so that we can make it in our body! Although I am not sure why they named it a ‘vitamin’ because it is actually a steroid/hormone that is extremely important in the formation of all sex hormones, cholesterol, and bile.

It is vitally important in so many functions. The article linked below really does a wonderful job explaining vitamin D but here are some key points:

  1. The best way to get it is 20 minutes of sun a day.
  2. It is involved in pretty much every thing.
  3. Most usable form is D3
  4. Best food sources are: fish, eggs, liver
  5. The best form of supplement is Cataplex D (has synergist to help absorb) or Cod liver oil which has naturally occurring vitamin D and that makes sense because it is fish and liver combined 🙂

If you want to know where your level is at, we have simple test kits for sale that will give you not only your level but how much you need to take to get into optimal range.

So per Sheryl Crow go “Soak Up the Sun”.

Here is the link to the article about Vitamin D

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