“It is better to live in Tiggers world than Eeyores’. You will get quite a bounce in your step.”

I recently found out my college roommate has a rare form of cancer.  I was able to reconnect with him which was a positive that came out of the negative. He asked for some suggestions regarding some supplements that help decrease the negative effects of chemo and radiation without affecting their efficacy. We gave him those supplements (SP Cleanse and SP Detox) and he has done great!

But we really spent a lot of time trying to get him out of Eeyore mode. Yes, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh! It is a polite way of saying “victim mode”. My roommate had always had that sort of personality. Victimology is a dangerous place to live because it suggests that you have no control over your destiny or outcomes.

Hmm…There are plenty of outlier cases but most of the cardiovascular, metabolic syndrome (ie. type 2 diabetes) and cancer victims in our country are not actually victims but accomplices.


That isn’t what we want to hear. Believe me, most of us have genetic predispositions but that means if I live balanced, then I can avoid the fate of my forefathers.

Personally I have already outlived my grandfather on my dad’s side by 5 years and in 5 more, will pass my dad. Yet I have a patient with lung cancer who never smoked. So sometimes s**t happens but most of the time we can impact outcomes with attitude and lifestyle.

The majority of western lifestyle diseases are actually accomplice diseases. You shouldn’t take offense to this but feel empowered! It means you have the ability to impact the outcome. We live in the greatest county in the world EVER- LIKE EVER- yet our political parties try to put us in victim mode so that we rely on them. It is a shame because that shackles those that believe it. It can create a cycle of dependency.

Heath freedom relies on seeking advice and options that will heal and strengthen over time releasing you from dependence of drugs, surgeries, therapy etc. I frankly love when people pop in after years and say they haven’t needed me because they finally started doing the exercises and other lifestyle changes that were suggested.

The Eagles in their song “Get Over It” offer some pointed advice: “Victim of this, victim of that, my daddy’s to thin and my mamma’s to fat, Get over it….”

So undo your shackles, and get over the victimhood mentality if that is were you live

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