We have felt very fortunate that overall we have had very few of our main nutritional products on backorder but there have been a few we have been missing. I am pleased to announce that several of our favorites are back!

Back in stock:

  1. Olprima DHA– one of our favorites for nursing mothers, pregnant women, nerve regeneration, and for ADD / ADHD
  2. Olprima EPA/DHA –  our favorite for bringing your Omega 3 numbers back into the healthy range.  Small capsule make it easy for compliance.
  3. Children’s Immune Support– this has had a great rollout and we have been getting wonderful reviews.  Was briefly out of stock but is available once again.

Still out of stock:

  1. Nervagesic –  we have been having great success with Hemp Oil and or Boswellia Complex keeping the pain in its place.
  2. Palmetoplex-  One of our better prostate health options but Prost-X is a wonderful options that will keep the flow going.
  3. Zymex- Our favorite for gut, vaginal or candida infections and oral thrush in infants but can replace with Lactic Acid Yeast until it is back in stock.
  4. Disodium Phosphate- one of the better supplements for constipation has been discontinued and has been replaced with a wonderful herbal Colax.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. The wonderful thing about Standard Process is that there are always more than one option. So if a product is either unavailable or not quite right for you there are options! Feel free to reach out and ask.

Also take a look at our website where there have been some great improvements in the search ability.  My favorites are “Health Interest” tab along the left hand side. You can search certain ailments all together so you can search more efficiently for what you need.

The “product search bar” allows you to search for all the supplements that contain the particular nutrient you are looking for. It can be a ingredient such as beet (there are 45 supplements with beet) or a specific nutrient such as calcium (249 supplements have some form of calcium in them).

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