I often get asked if coffee is ok to drink. Yikes, what a loaded question! My little fireball of a mother thinks coffee is a food group and she is 80. The truth is some people handle the caffeine quite well and some people don’t. I personally don’t drink it because the few times I have had caffeine, it has not been a pretty scene.

My mother once asked my wife if she wanted some coffee upon arriving at her house in Ohio. Dr. Jean’s response was “Oh, I couldn’t because it is 4 pm and it would keep me up.” To which my mother replied “Oh you one of those.”  As if she were a less evolve species of human : ) It was really funny.

So there you have it: coffee effects people differently. One thing for sure I don’t like is when people drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach. If you need your coffee in the morning you probably shouldn’t have it until the addiction is gone. If you enjoy it but missing it doesn’t alter you day or mood, then go for it.


But coffee in the morning with no fat or protein is the equivalent of a giant sugar spike from which you will crash. This creates a huge rollercoaster throughout the day that wont rectify itself until you sleep. It  increases your desire for more caffeine or sugary snacks which will add to weight gain, anxiety, etc.

Just like with alcohol, coffee has some health benefits such as antioxidants and bitter flavor.  And just like with alcohol, you should find where your level of tolerance is so you can enjoy and benefit from it without experiencing the negative side effects. If you need it there is an issue.

By the way, the fancy Starbucks coffees that have a whole day of calories should be looked at as an occasional treat not as a daily cup. Frankly those are sugar in disguise. Just be honest with yourself, you will know where you stand If you try to go off coffee for a few days. If it is easy then you are perfect where you are but if you struggle it’s time to manage your intake.

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