This summer I was complaining to Dr. Jean that I had to go to a couples shower on a beautiful summer’s night.

Then this fall I was complaining to Dr. Jean that I had to go to a wedding on the Saturday of opening deer hunting- messing with my yearly rituals.

On both of those occasions I had the chance to visit with dear friends of ours from Cedarburg. He and his wife had lived in Plymouth when we first had kids. We sort of figured out the parenting thing together. We have a strong bond and have maintained that friendship over for 25 years and those two occasions gave us a lot of time to reconnect.

Last week we got news that our friend had a heart attack and accompanied brain trauma.  UGH didn’t see that coming did you? Well neither did we. He was a vibrant man, always the life of the party, and made the world a happier place.

At my visit to the hospital to say my goodbye, I had the chance to speak with the lead doctor on the organ harvesting team for about ten minutes. He told me that my dear friend’s organs will be able to help 80-90 people.

Yes, you read that right.

80-90 will have extended or better quality life because of his passing.

After saying goodbye, I went to Notre Dame on my way to visit my mother in Ohio. I did a sanity run around the lakes at Notre Dame and tucked into one of the trails is the stations of the cross. I ended up kneeling right at the picture you see above.

Then struck me.  Just as Christ’s suffering saved the world, my friend’s and his family’s suffering are saving those other 80-90 people. I have had people say to me “Why would God do this?”. That questioning drives me crazy. Hardship is when we should be leaning on our faith not questioning it. These are the moments you find out if your faith has a solid foundation.

I am sure he would be just giddy that he is helping so many people and I know he wouldn’t want people to cry over his loss but celebrate his unbelievably impactful life.

We have in our office a fill in doctor that has had two liver transplants, a retired employee who lost a teen daughter and donated all of her organs, an employee who donated a kidney to a perfect stranger and an employee who just donated bone marrow to save her sister. This is medicine at its best. So please, go sign your donor card on your drivers license and make your wishes known.

To be able to save lives by giving your own, well that is truly Christ like and even though this hurts, but thank God it does. The amount of loss I feel is proportional to the impact he had on my life. May he rest in peace and live on in all of those he helped.

Below are some nutrients we use that I would call CPR for your stress handling system. If you are undergoing massive stress like what I am describing above talk to Dr. Jean or myself and we can talk you through some options to help weather the storm.


Adrenal Desiccated

Ashwagandha Forte 


Kava Forte

Remember in time of hardship strengthen your faith don’t question it.

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