Last week I shared with you the news about our Cedarburg friend passing away.  Oh my gosh there have been the “what if’s”  going around this week. You know it – we all do it! What if he would have had that heart attack a couple minutes earlier then they could have stated CPR earlier and……….

Heck, sports discussions are wrought with the ifsands, and buts. The Packers have lost four games by one score and the Vikings have won eight by one score. That means one ifand, or but play in each of those games and the Packers are 9-4 and the Vikings are 2-10! WOW!

I used to bounce on a rebounder (a small mini trampoline) with my idol Joey Sap’s feet on the surface as it would help his circulation. I would bounce for what seemed like hours and go over all the ifsands, and but possibilities he would have had with the Cincinnati Reds had he not been paralyzed and blinded. In my mind I pretty much had him inducted into Cooperstown.

Joey would smile and repeatedly teach me a lesson, like only a master could. He would say, “Danny – IF ifs, ands, and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas.” What a short, sweet, and masterfully taught lesson.

Not every day can be Christmas

His point was that everyday isn’t Christmas – and the fact is that in this life, we only have so much time and energy. Don’t spend it on what might have been and instead spend it on making it what it can be. Don’t focus on lost opportunities but on future opportunities.

In health, everyday is like Christmas! I see day in and day out how people abuse their bodies. I think to myself God keeps them alive despite how they abuse this wonderful gift.

Really look at what your body has endured.

Each day through our health choices we can wrap our gift or throw it away. So stop spending energy on the ifsands and buts and start spending it on the dealing with the hand your choices have dealt you. As you do, you will see life change. But please be patient. People spend decades messing their body up and want it fixed in days.

We have been having huge success with weight loss, energy, and health gains with our Detox program. After the 10 day detox, we shift to moderate living habits with the life hacks from the book Glucose Revolution. It has been fun to see the transformations taking place. It works because it is sustainable and does not require being perfect with your lifestyle.

Detox– cleanses the kidney, liver, and bowel. It’s a 10 day jump start

GI adsorb – volcanic ash that stays in your bowels attracting toxins especially heavy metals is eliminated.

Metobol– Herbal complex that helps lower blood sugar.

Gymnema–  An herb that is known for decreasing sugar cravings.

Glucose Assist – a meal replacement or snack shake that is high in protein and fat but with no glucose spike.

These are our staples in unwrapping your gift of health. They are meant as tools to facilitate health. Properly used, they help your body transform itself and then your body doesn’t need to rely on them.

Join us in the Detox Challenge and focus forward because gifts abound!