Recently, while downhill skiing in Colorado with family and friends, I was riding the chairlift up to the top of the mountain with an older gentleman.

We started a conversation to pass the ten minute ride and come to find out that he is a 65 year old Colorado native. It ends up that this gentleman (who looked like Grizzly Adams) said that he doesn’t like the cold, cold days skiing. I asked him if it was his hands and fingers that bothered him and he said, “Nope. It’s my cobalt hip and knee.” This dude was skiing black diamond runs (the most difficult ski runs) on three artificial joints!

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also skis a ton of vertical feet. In fact, he did 50,000 feet in one day a couple years ago!

Challenge accepted :)

But what he said next to me was what I loved the most… “You know you don’t get old and then stop skiing, you stop skiing and then you get old.”

Wooo doggy!! That is packed with wisdom! We see that all the time in health care where I have 30 year olds that are past their prime and 90 year olds that still kayak on their own. It is 2023 and which one are you going to be: old or aged and active. I will tell you my choice. Per the old Def Leppard lyrics, “I would rather burn out than fade away.”

It starts when you are young; the attitudes you hold start to shape in your mind and then start to shape you health future. So watch your thoughts because you will become what you think about.

So to all of you that have joint replacements: I hope you are so active that you wear them out 🙂 We don’t see that too often but it’s a lofty goal.

To keep you going we suggest this combination:

Glucosamine Synergy-  It is a combination product that uses glucosamine sulfate for the cartilage

Ligaplex 2– which is all the whole foods that support ligaments, connective tissues, and tendons of the joint.

Boswellia Complex- mix of Boswellia (great anti inflammatory and has a joint building characteristic), turmeric, ginger, and celery seed extract. All great anti inflammatories but the celery seed draws out the puffiness in a joint. This is nice for that thick, swollen, arthritic joint.

Adjusting your joints keeps you moving optimally so exercises with yoga, walking, etc can do you wonders as far as your flexibility and strength.

So get moving before you start sliding downhill.  OR start sliding downhill to keep moving : )