We wanted to update all of you that use our most popular supplement: Mintran! This is an incredible supplement that patients readily use every day. It is a unique food combination of sea kelp, alfalfa (yes cow food!) calcium, and magnesium. Have you ever noticed cows are pretty mellow? Well, they eat alfalfa! And have you ever noticed that the we, the dairy state, is located on a pile of calcium?

Well these aren’t coincidences. MIN – TRAN stands for mineral tranquilizer.  Nope, it won’t put you face down in a puddle of drool : ) These are the minerals that take our nervous system from fight or flight mode and puts it into rest and digest. It usually works within about 15 minutes.

We use it for our go to for:

  1. Muscle tightness
  2. Muscle spasms
  3. Muscle craps
  5. Sleep aid- especially if your mind is racing as you try to fall asleep
  6. Helps support blood pressure
  7. General mineral supplement
  8. Essential minerals for anyone with a thyroid issue

Great News: It’s in larger tablet now which will decrease the number of pills needed. In general, my recommendation with the new size tablet is to decrease the number you take by half. That will give you an equal dose to what you were taking. The price stays the same just trying to decrease pill fatigue.

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