I recently gave some exercise and dietary advice to a patient and his response was, “You know, I should really do that!” In patient code that means there is not an ice cubes’ chance in hell that he is going to do the recommendations.

Sometimes it is hard because patients get into a comfortable hell. Their condition is uncomfortable, but they have adapted and learned to live with it. People want to change but unfortunately, much like an alcoholic, they wait till they hit rock bottom to make the move.

Let me tell you something, it is a hell of a lot easier to treat something early in the process than late in the process. So if you want a resolution when something hasn’t gone away in 6 weeks, waiting is probably not going to be what gets you over the edge!

Look, we are here 30 years this year in March. We have patients coming through with the same situations five, six….ten times.  They finally will say, “What are those exercises you said could help?” or “What supplement can help my condition?”.

Interpretation: I am ready to put some skin in the game and I want out of this mess!

Just know when you are ready, we are here. Whether it is your first or tenth episode-we are patient and when you are ready just know that


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