For about three years, I did a better health series on Plymouth TV called BackWords which exhibited different health ideas and options to empower people in their health choices. I am going to be doing this again but will be posting short segments (about 2- 5 minutes) with my guests on varying topics. So keep watching Instagram and Facebook for the different Backwords episodes.

That said, my first guest is the owner of Abundant Health Life Coaching, Brenda Schwaller.  She’s a long time friend and exercise enthusiast as well as an incredible human being that was one of the more elite female athletes in the state. She had her health world rocked a few years ago and made an incredible recovery that ended up guiding her into life coaching.

In our interview she was talking about how people with long illnesses can often get bitter because it seems like every option has been exhausted. She gave me a quote that she uses on her clients, “You can be bitter or better.”  One letter is the difference but the outcome is 180 degrees apart.

Bitter or Better?

If you are frustrated with where you are at and don’t have a plan, a life coach can be just what you need. She can be that advocate you need to give some direction and guidance. There are always other options. Doctor speak for “there is nothing else that can be done” can be interpreted that he doctor doesn’t know what to do anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that because we all have our specialty and no-one helps everything.

When I or another doctor are running out of options, that doesn’t mean you have too. It is very important to advocate for yourself and keep searching. If you are not a good advocate for yourself or are the type of person that needs to have someone you are accountable to, then a life coach might be right for you.

So give Brenda a jingle because the only place to add some bitterness in your life is your foods! Bitters are essential to health and a healthy digestive tract. Brenda is right: better over bitter any day.

If you need some digestive support consider
Metabol Complex: traditionally used in Ayurvedic herbal preparations to:

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