A couple of months ago I received word that a patient of mine (he gave me permission to share) was in a horrible chainsaw accident. The chainsaw kickstarted and literally cut halfway through his thigh into his femur.

It was horrible.

Like most people, I couldn’t imaging anything but an amputated leg given the picture of the X-ray he texted me. He said, “Ah ye of little faith!”

A couple weeks ago he walked into my office from his home a block or two away. I couldn’t believe it! He was WALKING in less than 3 months after his accident. His major complaint was that his knee wasn’t getting enough flexion for him to be allowed to go back to work.

You mix together an incredible job by the surgeon, good lifestyle, prayers, positive attitude, and a focused goal and this guy is going to be hard to keep down. Any human with all those attributes would be hard to keep down. What the human body can endure is spectacular. Of course, he will have bumps in his recovery but no roadblocks.

Our ability to heal is unrivaled! While you are healing, there’s a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t let another person project their negative experiences on you. Their issues aren’t yours.  If they don’t have a positive outlook, politely show them the door.
  2. Don’t let healthcare professionals give you their predictions. Those are based on averages at best. Be exceptional when you are healing.
  3. Keep your mind set on the end result you desire. The power of intention from your thought is the most powerful creation you can have.
  4. Give your body a fighting chance by giving it the tools it needs for healing.

Either way, there is only one way to slice it (ha, give me some slack because with a good outcome I get to poke fun) if you remain positive and focus your energy on your goals, your body will likely not let you down.  If you set low goals I will guarantee you meet them but you might not be proud of if.

Aim high and miss small is better than aiming low and hitting it.


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