I love the word “vitality”. It is very expressive of a state of living I think we all should strive for. I don’t know about you, but that is how I want to be when I grow up. In fact, my daughter Rachel just married a wonderful man she met at Notre Dame who’s dad is 80 years old and fathered him at 50. When you meet Frank, VITALITY is the first thing that comes to mind.

Heck, he was a practicing obstetrician until 78! How do you remain so vital and energetic? Two words: healthy cells.

In particular, healthy mitochondria which are the main energy producing components of your cells. Some cells in your body have hundreds of thousands of mitochondria. It is hard to wrap your mind around that amount, but these mitochondria are under assault. When they get damaged, you will be in a state of chronic fatigue.

What damages them can be many things.

These are main conditions I see it in:
  1. Environmental toxins- causes free radical damage.
  2. COVID- It is the main reason for the fatigue in long haulers syndrome.
  3. Statin drugs- statin drugs inhibit an enzyme that forms cholesterol but that same enzyme forms a vital nutrient for heart and cellular health call Co Q10 or ubiquinol. It is a key nutrient in mitochondrial function.
  4. Lyme’s disease- the bacteria damages the mitochondrial function.
  5. Chronic antibiotics- mitochondria are remnant bacteria so it can get beat up by repetitive  antibiotic protocols.
  6. Vaccines- NOT every one but some people have reactions to that vaccination that are similar to actually having the infection.

So as you can see there are many reason why to support this tiny little organelle.

Prior to COVID we used a supplement called Cellular Vitality to repair the damages to mitochondria primarily from statin drugs.  Anyone on a statin that I have on supplement please take note SP has changed the name of CV to more accurately describe what it is:

Cellular Vitality is now B Vitality with CoQ10

It’s the exact same product but now with a name that reflects what it actually is: a whole food vitamin B complex with a nice dose of naturally occurring CoQ10.  Did you know in Canada statin drugs have to have a dose of CoQ10 with the drug? That is how damaging it is to cells.

So If you are on a statin or had lymes, COVID, etc…. and feel like your “get up and go” has got up and went, you probably need some B vitality with Co Q10.  Post COVID it usually takes one or maybe two bottles. If you are on a statin, I keep you on it as long as you are on a statin, if you go off then for 2-3 months after.

Below are foods that will support the mitochondria after you go off of the B Vitality.  It can be a life changing supplement.

  • mushrooms
  • black raspberry
  • blackberry
  • red grapes
  • cranberry
  • red raspberry
  • the herb Ginseng
  • liver
  • sunflower seeds