Once I had a 90 year old woman ask me to take a look at a growth on her neck and I said,  “That looks like a skin tag. Did you ask your family physician about it?” She scoffed, “Yeah and he said it was a beauty mark.”   She is a zesty one, so I asked her what her reply was and she started poking me in the chest, “I told him: listen here buddy. If I get some guy to hop into bed with me and he goes to kiss my boobs, I don’t want him running into this.”

She lobbed me a softball, and my response was “Come on…if you had a guy going to kiss your boobs, he’d more likely hit his head on your knees!”

We both had a good laugh!

A skin tag is a little benign tumor of skin that are common but not necessarily normal. Oddly enough they are a sign of insulin resistance aka pre-diabetic. So if you have a tendency to get a lot of skin tags, it may be time to deal with your sugar handling.

Glucose Revolution is my favorite way of giving people the ability to decrease the sugar in their diet without being perfect. It is a great book and an easy read.

Those dietary changes in that book along with regular exercise go along way.

We will use the following supplements to assist in the journey to normal sugar.  All can be stopped when you reverse your sugar handling issues.

  • Metabol-supports the metabolism of fats and sugars
  • Black cumin seed forte-supports healthy liver and digestive function as well as the metabolism of fat.
  • Berberine Active– contains Phellodendron used traditionally to support healthy liver and bowel function.
  • Gymenema-helps reduce sugar cravings
  • Diaplex-a chromium supplement, supports healthy sugar handling to help maintain blood sugar levels already within normal range

So get control of your sugar handling before you knock your head on a knee!