I am often asked, “What can I take that will give me a great nutritional base but not be TOO MANY pills and not break the bank?” Enter: my foundation health protocol!

Here is the greatest part: it is affordable at just $1.25/day and an additional 10% discount if you order off our website and select “auto fill every 6 months” which is how long the below protocol will last!

Foundational Health Protocol

  • Catalyn 2/day
    • Catalyn is the multivitamin we recommend that is a combination of 17 whole foods grown on an 860 acre organic farm in Palmyra, WI. The 17 different, whole foods provide thousands of nutrients in their natural forms with all the synergists to help the body absorb and utilize them. A small dose a day provides a great base to our diets that are sorely missing vital nutrients.
  • Cod Liver Oil 1/day
    • Cod liver oil is our favorite form of omega 3 essential fatty acids (omega 3’s). This is a group of fatty acids that is termed essential  because they are so important in health. Cod liver oil is our favorite because this variety contains naturally occurring vitamins A, D and E. Think of it as your fat-soluble multiple vitamin. It supports overall health but is particularly good for cardiovascular and neurological support.
  • Turmeric Forte 1/day
    • Turmeric Forte is my favorite herb because of its far reaching health properties. This formula has been wrapped in a fiber that increases its uptake by up to 30x. all while being 55x more concentrated! Turmeric Forte is extremely potent, and it seems to just take everything good in the body and nudge it in the right direction. It is most known for having anti-inflammatory support and antioxidants as it supports many ailments plus supports a strong immune response.

The big bottles of all three will last exactly ½ year at this dose. The cost is $1.25/day but again, when you order with auto fill on our website it will be discounted additional 10%.

Mc Donalds coffee/burger/fries

Starbucks – latte

Candy bar

You see where I am going – You can afford to invest in your health vs investing in your disease. Reach out with any questions or forward this email to someone who wants a strong base of health!