Years ago, Karen called one of the spiciest patients I have ever had back to the treatment room. She was in the waiting room a while so I poked my head out and saw that she was chatting with another patient that worked at a facility that she used to volunteer. When she entered the room I said, “I see you were catching up with John Doe.” She replied with “Oh I have such a crush on him! If he would give me one night in bed he would leave his wife in a minute!”  She took two steps past me, turned around, winked and added “at 86 I know all the tricks!”

I’m sorry but that is piss your pants funny but it also shows that romance never has to stop.

Patients ask for natural options to help with libido and sexual function. There are actually quite a few options but first you have to realize that if you are taking a statin drug for cholesterol it may be having an effect on you. There are many reasons why that can happen but I will give you one reason for each gender.

Males – Testosterone is made from cholesterol therefore, low cholesterol means low T. Low T – means no lead 🙂

Females- Cholesterol is a prime component in the vaginal fluid that lubricates during sex. So low cholesterol will make it feel like sand paper – who wants that? Nobody!

I could go on but you get the picture it is not just “what can I take” it may be “what am I doing that is inhibiting me?” So, if you are on multiple meds talk to you MD, pharmacist or me and make sure those aren’t part of the issue.

Tongkat Ali is an incredible herb from Malaysia known for its properties of supporting a males natural supply of testosterone. It helps you make it so you don’t have to take it. Once you start take testosterone, the almonds will become raisins and you won’t be able to make it anymore. So taking Tongkat Ali won’t have that same effect because you will still be producing it and like everything, quality counts.

Tribulus is an herb that is very beneficial in supporting the hormonal systems of both genders to optimize sexual function. It has been around along time.  Here are some links to two studies (Study 1FemaleStudy 2Male)

Symplex F and Symplex M–  Both are Standard Process supplements that support normal function of the reproductive glands of each respective sexes glands: pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and ovary or testicle.

Make no bones about it 🙂  These nutrients work but you have to look at overall lifestyle also.

If your like my patients, you’re never to old to get lucky 🙂

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