Our daughter Rachel was married on September 2, 2023. A friend, speaking of his son in law, said, “if the saying is true ‘a daughter marries a man like her father’ I take it as a huge compliment.” And I concur. I have a great son-in-law. I love them both.

It is exciting to watch their relationship flourish and to see their professional careers take off.  Let’s face it, our children are our greatest legacy so make sure you give them the time and attention they deserve.

I have always viewed my practice as a learning experience because I watch the families that are close and notice that they all have similar characteristics and rituals. I watch the families in turmoil and they too have similar habits. Hmm…I am going to copy the first groups habits.

We had some dear friends whose child strayed a bit for various reasons and some serious emotional traumas. They did everything right and still it wasn’t turning out so good. They still loved him and didn’t desert him and guess what? He landed back at home and they reconciled. The prodigal son from the Bible. You feast when a family is full.

Abundance of Love

At Rachel’s wedding the abundance of love and laughter could literally fill a lifetimes worth. I wish that on all of you. Make sure that you look for the blessings within your family and friends and not the faults. I sure don’t want anyone solely focusing on my faults yikes!

Life is short and getting shorter so build bridges, don’t burn them. Life is better enjoyed in good company than alone. So as ….. sang “Love the ones your with”.

Humans are meant to live in harmony and those who do have better overall health and quality of life. So learn to love.

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