Did you know you have a giant snake in your body?

Yes, mouth to butt, your digestive tract is a giant snake. When you eat, it isn’t in your body until it absorbs through the snake’s wall.

I was explaining why I wanted a patient to taste the herb I prescribed him the other day and the main reason was to get the herb through the snake (the digestive tract). You see, taste isn’t intended just for pleasure, no no no. Taste is the body’s method of getting the digestive tract to prepare for optimal absorption.

Bitter, salt, sweet, and sour all have their own areas on the tongue. These areas of taste, along with smell, tell our brain and our digestive system what hormones (yes hormones!) and enzymes we need to deal with what is coming down the pipe.

From an herbal perspective – most herbs are bitter which increases digestive absorption. We stock many different herbs from Mediherb, a company based in Australia, who has a direct relationship with Standard Process as their distributer in the USA.

Why Standard Process chose Mediherb to partner with:

1. Incredible quality control
2. Mediherb super concentrates their products. For example, in Turmeric Forte they use a 55:1 ratio. That means one tablet is like taking a complete bottle of the other turmeric we used to carry.
3. No heat used in processing so the herb is in the original intended form.
4. Australia considerers herbs as medicine. So not only do their herbs have the prescribed amount of herb but they must contain the phytonutrients that make the herb ACTIVE.

I am not saying that Mediherb is the only good herbal company as I’m sure there are some good ones out there. But there are also a lot that go right out the snake. I am confident that Mediherb is as concentrated and high of quality as you will get. If their herb doesn’t get you the desired result no other company’s herb will either.

Click here for a list of all the herbs Mediherb produces and notice there are over 55 liquid preparations. These are great for optimally absorbing the herbs. While we carry a couple of the liquids, we do not carry all of them. They can be special ordered for anyone wanting to create their own herbal formulas or enjoy the added benefits of tasting the herb.

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