Above is some pictures of my great niece adjusting her mother. I believe based on these pictures we have potentially landed the 11th chiropractor in our family. She is actually quite good at just 2 years old. I hope I am able to practice with her someday 🙂

Couple things to note: children are sponges. Whether it be good or bad, what they see they copy. If you smoke, your kids are likely going to also. What do you expect? You are their role model and they know what they are exposed to.

Actions speak louder than words and my great niece is an example of that. Her parents take them to get adjusted where she watches and she learns. Then she applies it to her mom. Albeit without a license:) She is learning the power of prevention and being proactive with health.

Words count don’t get me wrong, but Dr Jean and I didn’t instruct her on how to adjust, she watched and performed. So yes choose your words wisely but even more so watch your actions. Remember the song ”I always feel like someone is watching me”? and if you have kids (or a dog) they totally are!

We LOVE treating children. Frankly it is my highest honor when somebody trust us with the health of their child. The benefits are boundless for children and the results are usually very quick. That lies in the fact that they are not burdened with years of accumulated physical and emotional stress.

We also have great options for nutritional support for children:

  • SP Childrens Immune is fabulous.
  • The Elderberry syrup we stock is not only great for immunity it tastes incredible .
  • Chewable Catalyn is available and in the works are a true children’s multiple and a children’s probiotic .

Exciting stuff- Teach health young and they will learn it for life.

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