A patient asked me for a baseline plan for general health from a supplement perspective. They are doing proper exercise and sleep habits, trying to create better health in their life.

She admitted to having a good but not perfect diet and had the understanding that even when eating a good diet, you still may be missing nutrients day to day and she was right. You could eat totally healthy foods but, lets say you are like me and you don’t care for fish. Then you are going to be low in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to so many keys factors in our biology.

There is a difference between eating healthy foods and eating complete nutrition.

You don’t need tons of micronutrients, you just need them regularly!

Her request was simple:

What supplements can she take to give her the broadest coverage she could get? 

The no brainers.

The all in ones.

The supplements just about everyone could need.

My advice was simple:

Catalyn– 2/day: whole food multiple. 17 unique organically grown foods giving you broad spectrum vitamins and minerals to be a CATALYST (what CATAlyn stands for)

Cod Liver Oil-1/day: I can see you turning up your nose. Get over it! It comes in a pill now so you don’t have to taste it, let alone drink it. It has the omega three fatty acids EPA (heart health) and DHA (brain health) plus it has naturally occurring vitamin A, D and E. Basically it’s a multiple coupled with the needed fat soluble vitamins.

Turmeric Forte– 1/day: the most potent Turmeric formula I have ever been exposed to. It’s great for boosting your body’s natural antioxidant pathways. This incredible anti inflammatory crosses the blood/brain barrier because it is bound to fiber so it protects against inflammation diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. It also is showing great results in antiviral studies. I have heard it said that turmeric takes everything good that happens in the body and pushes it further  in the right direction. One a day is worth a whole bottle of the one you get elsewhere…it’s so potent.

When you get these three bottles and take it at the above doses, they will last you a half a year and cost you one dollar a day total. That is cheaper than paying for doctor visit. One dollar a day for nutrients that will give you an incredible nutritional base.

That’s it folks! It’s cheap and one of the best investments in your health you will make.

If you can’t get to the clinic to pick these up, you can order on our website through the links above. The three together will qualify you for free shipping and you can set up auto-delivery for every six months.

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