Neck & Upper Back Pain


Along with low back pain, this is the most common ailment we treat. Most likely due to chronic poor postures brought on by “TECH NECK”. These pains can really negatively impact your ability to function and are often associated with radiating pain and pinched nerves into the arms and shoulders. Chiropractic adjustments, postural exercises, spinal decompression, nutritional support and a variety of PT modalities are commonly used in our approach to improving dysfunction in this area.

“Dr Dan is Excellent! I’ve tried a lot of chiropractors over the years & he’s one of the best!”

Kris H.

“I’ve never had a better chiropractor (both husband and wife are excellent) and I’ve both lived in many places and used the services of many different chiropractors. The staff is warm and professional. Their goal is to get you feeling better. I would strongly recommend them.”

Lisa M.

“Dr Dan and Jean have helped me through pregnancy, labor/delivery, and hip pain from running. As an Acupuncturist myself, I respect their level of education and clinical experience. I just can’t say enough about the professional healthcare they offer our community!”

Sarah A.