Do the holidays leave you in a holiDAZE? Have you put on the Covid 19? Instead of the freshman 15 it is now the Covid 19!  People have put on a lot of weight this year for several reasons due to the Covid crisis:

  1. Disruption of exercise routines and being able to go to the gym.
  2. Less mobility in our general overall lifestyles.
  3. Being home and eating more!
  4. Stress! The stress hormone cortisol creates an environment that promotes fat storage.

These things combined contribute to weight gain. Usually people gain about 1-2 pounds a year but this large gain in one year is dangerous because if left unchecked, it likely becomes the new baseline for your body.

Now comes the holidays! This is when so many of us find the extra 1-2 pounds that accrue a year. By the way, the post holiday blues are a result of the sugar crash your body encounters after being inundated with a 6 week stretch of sugar! The depletion of B vitamins leaves us lethargic, low in energy, and self esteem.

So, let’s start the holidays with a plan.

You don’t have to eliminate just moderate! Instead of having 10 cookies with guilt, enjoy 2 cookies with no remorse. Drink more water to help flush the sweet toxins out.  Eat as many fruits and veggies as you can to counteract the depletion of nutrients that come with white flour and sugar. Eat your sweets with REAL food to dampen the sugar response meaning a cookie as a snack is way more damaging than eating it as dessert. 

Cataplex B– will restore the B vitamins so that you do not have an energy crash. So if the Holidays put you in a HoliDAZE try out Cataplex B. 

Metabol Complex– an herbal combination we use for pre diabetics, insulin resistance, and forthe general popu;ation h sugar times. It helps metabolize fats and sugars during times of excess. Meaning, someone who is indulging in lots of sugary treats could benefit from taking Metabol so it doesn’t overwhelm your cells and make you gain weight.

Detox post holiDAZE- the Detox is putting the foods in your body that will provide the liver, colon, and kidneys the nutrients they need to purge the body of the toxins that build from foods, alcohol, smoking, pollution, skin care products.

Our “10 Day Reset” can jump start your new year and promote the lifestyle changes that can benefit you in 2021. If you’d like to join us, sign up here and choose the 28 Day detox plan through Standard Process and pick up your detox kit at the office or order it online here.

No matter what you choose, go in with a plan and stick to it.