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Backlog Blog Series

We believe that chiropractic and nutrition are the building blocks to improve your life. The two combined can change people’s health, which can then directly improve their future.

Read our blog to get the latest news in chiropractic trends and helpful tips to help you feel your very best.

October 2020

Fish Oil is Essential!

Fish Oil is Essential I am often asked by patients if I had to take ONE supplement what would it be. In other words what should everyone, or at least [...]


Hi Everyone, Recently I heard an analogy that I shared with a patient who was feeling defeated about how little weight she had lost, even though she was trying in [...]

3 Different Goals

Dear Friends, We should take a look at our New Years resolutions and see how we are doing.  It was been an easy year to have them derailed! A resolution [...]

Thank YOU!

Dear Friends, Last week I suggested everyone look at being grateful and I will take my turn here. In the  27 years we have been in practice in Plymouth, I [...]

Gratitude is the Attitude

Dear Friends, We hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend, while keeping in mind and memory how grateful we are for all those whose sacrificed for our greater good. We are forever [...]

What is Essential?

Hello Friends, There has been much debate over what is “essential” these days. Before the word essential got so debatable, there was only one nutrient that had it in its name: [...]

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