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Backlog Blog Series

We believe that chiropractic and nutrition are the building blocks to improve your life. The two combined can change people’s health, which can then directly improve their future.

Read our blog to get the latest news in chiropractic trends and helpful tips to help you feel your very best.

December 2020

November 2020

Covid Protocol

Covid Protocol: With to the rise in Covid cases, we have been receiving volumes of inquiries on not only what to take but how to take it. In response, I [...]

Be a Catalyst!

Last week I was on a hunting trip with three friends, one local and two from my college football days (one of which I haven’t seen in 30 years!) Incredible [...]

Cataplex Series

Cataplex Series Cataplex Series - In Standard Process, the word Cata means catalyst and Plex is short for complex.   Catalyst is something that initiates chemical/biological reactions. Complex suggests that [...]

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