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COVID Long Haulers

Well, last week made it a year since COVID has hijacked life as normal.  It has been a long haul.  That is what I am actually going to chat briefly about today. Long Haulers syndrome.  It is basically the residual symptoms that some people are left with after their bout with COVID.  They can be [...]

COVID Long Haulers2021-06-23T09:33:58-05:00

Bread Then and Now

We have just wrapped up our third week in Gut Health and I have been getting a lot of questions regarding bread, wheat, and gluten. They are often maligned as evil villains. Most people want a black or white answer but, as usual, it sits in the middle—as a shade of grey. First let's look [...]

Bread Then and Now2021-02-24T14:57:35-05:00

Gut Health Week 2 Recap

Here is the recap of last weeks' Gut Health info. It says the day, the topic and a supplement if your body needs extra support in that area. Remember to check our our  Facebook and Instagram pages to watch the videos of me explaining these topics in more depth! Day 6-Leaky Gut -Okra Pepsin Weakened cell walls create a [...]

Gut Health Week 2 Recap2021-02-17T12:10:30-05:00

Gut but No Heart?

I was accused of having no heart because I had gut month over Valentine’s Day instead of heart month! Hey at least I have guts :) But guess what-your guts can sense and feel too! In fact, your gut is considered the second brain. The Vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) comes out of your skull and slips [...]

Gut but No Heart?2021-02-17T11:19:13-05:00

Healing YOURSELF Takes Time!

This week we delve a bit deeper into gut health.  I love this topic because it is one that patients can really own, but it takes some time. Healing any condition takes time. The length of time can go up and down based on your habits ranging from how you think to what you eat. [...]

Healing YOURSELF Takes Time!2021-02-10T10:24:23-05:00

Welcome to Gut Month!

Some of you might be thinking, “What’s next after the Detox?" Many people are still partaking in the detox which is great, but remember health is an infinite game, as is detoxing. Yes the detox gave you a jump start on what your body is supposed to be doing 24/7/365 but the best way to stay ahead [...]

Welcome to Gut Month!2021-02-03T08:56:40-05:00

Knowing Yourself is Enlightenment

I asked a a patient the other day what percentage improvement she had experienced. After a pause to think about it, she replied, “83%”.  I said, “WOW that is incredibly precise!” She really knew herself. “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” Lao Tzu We all need to become enlightened regarding our own health.  We need to really [...]

Knowing Yourself is Enlightenment2021-01-27T11:21:16-05:00

Finite or Infinite

Author Simon Sinek talks about how some businesses struggle because they treat business as if it is a finite game rather than an infinite game. Finite games end whereas infinite games do not. I thought about this in reference to health and I realized that many people who struggle with their health do so because they [...]

Finite or Infinite2021-01-20T09:29:50-05:00

Paddles and Goals

The other day, I came upon the below commentary and felt it was worth sharing: health and happiness are determined by resilience and flexibility. Make sure you set goals for all segments of your life because they determine your direction. Without goals, you are much like the writing below - In a raft without a paddle. Having [...]

Paddles and Goals2021-01-13T10:28:10-05:00

Day 2 of the Detox Challenge

We are back at our normal schedule this week and are excited to serve your health needs this year! We have quite a few people who have decided to join the Standard Process Detox challenge. Whether you choose to participate in the detox challenge by using their shake or not, you have access to their [...]

Day 2 of the Detox Challenge2021-01-06T11:29:47-05:00
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