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Gratitude is the Attitude

Dear Friends, We hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend, while keeping in mind and memory how grateful we are for all those whose sacrificed for our greater good. We are forever indebted to those who gave the greatest sacrifice. We are pleased to announce that  all our therapists are taking patients again, so if you need [...]

Gratitude is the Attitude2020-10-14T10:33:02-05:00

What is Essential?

Hello Friends, There has been much debate over what is “essential” these days. Before the word essential got so debatable, there was only one nutrient that had it in its name: Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). It is also known as EPA, DHA and DPA, also known as Fish Oil, also known as Omega 3 Fatty Acids. [...]

What is Essential?2020-10-14T10:23:07-05:00


Dear Friends, This week I saw a lone bicyclist wearing a mask, but not a helmet-not so safe! I have also seen people driving alone with masks on and while I understand the idea of not wanting to spread the disease, an individual cannot give the disease to oneself! Also, it is not always a [...]



OLPRIMA DHA Olprima is a premium concentrated fish oil designed to increase the body’s omega three fatty acids quickly in order to help with cardiovascular health, brain and cognitive health and general inflammation. It is recommended that one-three capsules are taken per day. Buy Now OLPRIMA [...]



IMMUPLEX Immuplex is a supplement that provides long term immune building. This Standard Process supplement is a proactive approach to protect you from getting sick rather than reacting with something like Congaplex once you start to feel sick. You will want to use this to build your immune system up [...]


Hemp Oil

HEMP OIL Standard Process offers hemp oil in both a liquid and capsule form. Liquid form is very absorbable and has great potency. It is recommended to take one full dropper (1 mL) per day. Capsule form is a combination of hemp oil, fish oil and broccoli extract. These three [...]

Hemp Oil2020-10-19T08:40:46-05:00


CALCIFOOD Calcifood is a bone building supplement, supplying all the nutrients that bones need to be strong and healthy. Calcium absorption is supported as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, which can reduce the risk of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and broken bones. As a bone building supplement, this [...]



CATALYN Catalyn is a whole food multiple. It has essential vitamins and minerals in a complete potent formula of foods. As a whole food multiple supplement, it is completely absorbable and bioavailable. Where other multiples cause nausea, are high dose and incomplete, this supplement is a low dose and potent, [...]


Glucosamine Synergy

GLUCOSAMINE SYNERGY Glucosamine Synergy is a premium, three tier joint health supplement. Combining glucosamine, boswellia serrata (frankenscenCE), and manganese provides cartilage support, supports ligaments and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory with joining building qualities. Overall, it helps maintain healthy connective tissue and supports the body’s normal connective tissue repair process. [...]

Glucosamine Synergy2020-10-19T08:43:56-05:00


ZYPAN Zypan is a digestive aid that is the key to gut and immune health. This Standard Process supplement is made with HCL acid and digestive enzymes, which allow for healthy, normal digestive function. It is the go to supplement for healing acid reflux and helping digest food in the [...]

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