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Man (or Woman) With a Plan

This year I challenge you to make a health plan. What do I mean a "health plan". Think about it this way: we have financial plan,  business plan, house plans, garden plans, etc…. We plan our whole lives except when it comes to our health. We tend to accept our health as something that just [...]

Man (or Woman) With a Plan2020-12-23T15:17:06-05:00

HoliDAZE and How to Remedy It

Do the holidays leave you in a holiDAZE? Have you put on the Covid 19? Instead of the freshman 15 it is now the Covid 19!  People have put on a lot of weight this year for several reasons due to the Covid crisis: Disruption of exercise routines and being able to go to the [...]

HoliDAZE and How to Remedy It2020-12-23T15:56:40-05:00

10 Day Detox Challenge

As the new year approaches the prospect for fresh beginnings present themselves once again. It is like a reset button!  A chance to jump start some new habits and cut loose some bad habits. On January 4th, 2021 we will participating in a reset called the "10 Day Detox"by Standard Process. Why detox? Why 10 days? Detoxing -becasue we [...]

10 Day Detox Challenge2020-12-23T15:24:14-05:00

Pets: Man’s Best Friend

One of the areas that has exploded during the Covid epidemic is pets. Dog prices have skyrocketed because people are realizing what great companions pets make when we have had less human companionship. I know this mighty hunter pictured above greets me like he hasn’t seen me in 5 years when I have been gone for [...]

Pets: Man’s Best Friend2020-12-23T15:25:11-05:00

Covid Protocol

Covid Protocol: With to the rise in Covid cases, we have been receiving volumes of inquiries on not only what to take but how to take it. In response, I have prepared Covid protocols for pre illness, infected but asymptomatic, infected with symptoms, and post Covid as well as give some lifestyle immune suggestions: Pre [...]

Covid Protocol2020-12-02T14:21:18-05:00

Be a Catalyst!

Last week I was on a hunting trip with three friends, one local and two from my college football days (one of which I haven’t seen in 30 years!) Incredible time with so many laughs it was like an abdominal workout! A few years ago we started doing trips so we could form new memories [...]

Be a Catalyst!2020-12-02T15:06:58-05:00

Cataplex Series

Cataplex Series Cataplex Series - In Standard Process, the word Cata means catalyst and Plex is short for complex.   Catalyst is something that initiates chemical/biological reactions. Complex suggests that is a multitude of nutrients unlike the vast majority of synthetic isolated extracts that we call vitamins. An isolated extract such as what we call [...]

Cataplex Series2020-12-02T15:25:53-05:00

Anybody Can Heal In Any Body

Have you ever thought “Boy my best days are in the rear view mirror.”? Maybe after an injury that is slow to heal or maybe the accumulation of multiple injuries that just have worn you down. Hey, if I listed all my injuries and ailments that I have overcome it would look like the entire NFL’s [...]

Anybody Can Heal In Any Body2020-12-02T15:21:07-05:00

Cataplex D

CATAPLEX D Standard Process offers Cataplex D, which delivers the necessary amount of vitamin A and vitamin D to promote healthy immune response, hormonal processes and bone assimilation of calcium. During the winter months, Cataplex D is a great winter sunlight supplement to help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder. Vitamin D, [...]

Cataplex D2020-10-19T11:21:36-05:00
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