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30 Years in Plymouth

March 10th marks three decades and counting serving this area. Man, I feel like I am just warming up! While on my ski trip a couple of weeks ago I was asked by a friend when I plan on retiring…  Chiropractic and nutrition are my calling not my job. We are surrounded with a bunch of [...]

30 Years in Plymouth2023-03-29T10:31:45-05:00

82 Years Young

Above is my 82 year old mother on a play date with her young 2 1/2 year old great niece. Pretty durable to be literally rolling around on the ground at 82- not reaching for her lifeline monitor right? She used to charge at me and shoulder bump me for my high school football pregame [...]

82 Years Young2023-03-29T10:23:07-05:00

Better over Bitter

For about three years, I did a better health series on Plymouth TV called BackWords which exhibited different health ideas and options to empower people in their health choices. I am going to be doing this again but will be posting short segments (about 2- 5 minutes) with my guests on varying topics. So keep [...]

Better over Bitter2023-03-01T12:07:49-05:00

No Need for Plastic Surgery

 If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas Edison - 1847-1931 - Inventor   I find this in healing all the time. The more you do to position yourself for optimal healing, the more incredible you will heal.  The less you do...well the less likely you will get great results. [...]

No Need for Plastic Surgery2023-02-22T11:39:12-05:00

Feeling Disjointed?

I had a patient who came in for a follow up visit and he complained that he wasn’t feeling any better after the first visit. I reminded him that the arthritis in his back took 30 years to get there so I asked him to give me a week per decade to get better. Then [...]

Feeling Disjointed?2023-02-22T11:22:00-05:00

Quality AND Quantity?

I have the pleasure of treating an incredible patient who happens to have lung cancer. True shit luck. Never smoked, only 40, and has been kicking the cancer’s butt. It is a rare form that, as of right now, has no complete cure. We had a talk during the last visit where I mentioned to [...]

Quality AND Quantity?2023-02-08T12:00:19-05:00


We wanted to update all of you that use our most popular supplement: Mintran! This is an incredible supplement that patients readily use every day. It is a unique food combination of sea kelp, alfalfa (yes cow food!) calcium, and magnesium. Have you ever noticed cows are pretty mellow? Well, they eat alfalfa! And have you ever noticed that [...]


When You’re Ready…

I recently gave some exercise and dietary advice to a patient and his response was, “You know, I should really do that!" In patient code that means there is not an ice cubes’ chance in hell that he is going to do the recommendations. Sometimes it is hard because patients get into a comfortable hell. Their condition [...]

When You’re Ready…2023-02-08T11:39:37-05:00

It’s All Downhill From Here

Recently, while downhill skiing in Colorado with family and friends, I was riding the chairlift up to the top of the mountain with an older gentleman. We started a conversation to pass the ten minute ride and come to find out that he is a 65 year old Colorado native. It ends up that this gentleman [...]

It’s All Downhill From Here2023-01-17T09:58:56-05:00

Start Date?

Happy New Year! What a great time of year to spend with family and friends and really cherish your moments. We humans are funny creatures.  We seem to need reasons to work on our health which makes the New Year is an interesting time. It is basically an artificial start date where we make health [...]

Start Date?2023-01-11T10:02:23-05:00
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