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Don’t Lose Your Spark

My uncle Norm definitely had a greater influence on my life than any other person growing up. He was an incredible human being with such a spark - a gentle giant. He had played football for Notre Dame under the legendary coach Ara Parsegian. Winning a national title and centering to a Heisman trophy winner [...]

Don’t Lose Your Spark2022-10-05T09:25:45-05:00

Congratulations Rachel!

Recently, my oldest daughter Rachel graduated from chiropractic school on her mother’s 30 anniversary from graduating chiropractic school. She already possesses the healing touch needed to be a great practitioner. My dear friend, Dr. Sam Carr in Arizona, had 10 members of his family in the chiropractic profession when we were in school.  I was [...]

Congratulations Rachel!2022-08-24T08:08:20-05:00

12 Hours of Biking

Saturday night I rode in the fundraising event for “Team Triumph” at Road America. The "Endurafest" (as it is now called) is loaded with biking and running events over the whole weekend. I participated in the 12 hours of Road America biking from 7 pm to 7 am. The fundraiser is to support people with various [...]

12 Hours of Biking2022-08-17T09:30:52-05:00

Back in Stock and Backordered

We have felt very fortunate that overall we have had very few of our main nutritional products on backorder but there have been a few we have been missing. I am pleased to announce that several of our favorites are back! Back in stock: Olprima DHA- one of our favorites for nursing mothers, pregnant women, nerve [...]

Back in Stock and Backordered2022-08-17T09:31:35-05:00

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

"It is better to live in Tiggers world than Eeyores’. You will get quite a bounce in your step." I recently found out my college roommate has a rare form of cancer.  I was able to reconnect with him which was a positive that came out of the negative. He asked for some suggestions regarding [...]

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers2022-08-17T09:32:45-05:00

Fear Vs Love

There are really only two reasons people present to us seeking help. Fear and Love Those are the only 2 motivators that exist and each one plays a role. When we first bought our practice in 1993, I was out to dinner with my in-laws and their dear friends the Millers. I remember Joe asking [...]

Fear Vs Love2022-08-17T09:33:14-05:00

Talk Dirt-y

Let’s talk dirty. Hey get your mind out of the gutter. Last Friday, the Francis Chiro Crew was fortunate enough to take a tour of the Standard Process Farm in Palmyra, WI. We spent most of the day talking about their dirt. As Michael Pollan, the author of In Defense of Food, wrote. “It is [...]

Talk Dirt-y2022-08-17T09:34:02-05:00

All In

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we should be all in for our children’s health. Just like my great niece was “all in” while leaping off the pier, we need to be “all in” when forming the dietary habits of our children. The fact is that they are [...]

All In2022-08-17T09:34:59-05:00

Sunshine on My Shoulders

When it comes to Vitamin D, the late John Denver had it right with his song, “Sunshine on My Shoulders”.  Vitamin D is so important that God created us so that we can make it in our body! Although I am not sure why they named it a 'vitamin' because it is actually a steroid/hormone that is extremely [...]

Sunshine on My Shoulders2022-08-17T09:36:25-05:00

Failure is Not an Option

Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success. All health is achieved through your body failing at first and then building itself up to protect against failing again. Think about athletes, they purposely do damage to their bodies to condition it for the hardship that it will face in competition. This [...]

Failure is Not an Option2022-08-17T09:37:24-05:00
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