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Shake It Up

“Shake it up baby now, shake it up baby” was the famous lyrics from the Beatles.  That advice can be taken quite literally and figuratively as we approach the 2024 new year. It is actually best to start your planning in December because, while the New Year is really an arbitrary date, it does give us a [...]

Shake It Up2024-01-17T13:59:31-05:00

The Future is in Good Hands

There are certain things that I come across that make me believe in the future. The attached YouTube video is the commencement speech given at North Carolina State University. Giving the speech is a daughter of one of my dearest college friends from Denison University. It is an extraordinary speech that describes her plight from Division [...]

The Future is in Good Hands2024-01-03T15:15:36-05:00

Spicy patients are the best patients

Years ago, Karen called one of the spiciest patients I have ever had back to the treatment room. She was in the waiting room a while so I poked my head out and saw that she was chatting with another patient that worked at a facility that she used to volunteer. When she entered the room I [...]

Spicy patients are the best patients2024-01-03T15:11:57-05:00

Bacteria Or DNA?

Do you know you have more bacteria in your gut than you do cells in your body? Did you know that you have as much, if not more, DNA in those bacteria than you do your own cells? WOW! You are more your gut bacteria than your own DNA. The quality of that gut microbiome [...]

Bacteria Or DNA?2024-01-03T14:55:25-05:00

Tag! You’re It!

Once I had a 90 year old woman ask me to take a look at a growth on her neck and I said,  "That looks like a skin tag. Did you ask your family physician about it?" She scoffed, “Yeah and he said it was a beauty mark."   She is a zesty one, so I asked her what [...]

Tag! You’re It!2023-10-18T09:05:56-05:00

Living Every Day

I had a patient come in with some health news that was pretty negative. He was a long standing patient that has always wanted to avoid bad health issues so much so that he was always worrying about his health. The ironic thing was, he was so paralyzed by the fear of getting diseases that he literally [...]

Living Every Day2024-02-19T11:49:13-05:00

Frank Vitality

I love the word "vitality". It is very expressive of a state of living I think we all should strive for. I don’t know about you, but that is how I want to be when I grow up. In fact, my daughter Rachel just married a wonderful man she met at Notre Dame who's dad is 80 years old and [...]

Frank Vitality2023-10-18T08:33:57-05:00

I’ll Cut to the Chase

A couple of months ago I received word that a patient of mine (he gave me permission to share) was in a horrible chainsaw accident. The chainsaw kickstarted and literally cut halfway through his thigh into his femur. It was horrible. Like most people, I couldn’t imaging anything but an amputated leg given the picture [...]

I’ll Cut to the Chase2023-09-27T11:16:55-05:00

CCF Season

Well we have rounded the corner from summer to autumn. Yes, it is still technically summer but you can see the writing on the wall. Some early leaves changing, a little darker in the am and pm, and the crisp morning air. It is an invigorating time of year but don’t FALL into the coming [...]

CCF Season2023-09-27T11:09:54-05:00

Fasting Fast

When I asked a patient the other day what she had for breakfast she said, “I don’t eat breakfast because I intermittent fast and the first thing I eat is lunch.”  Oooookkkkk...two problems with that statement. First, BREAK- FAST is not the what you eat in the morning. It is what the hyphenated word says: it is breaking your [...]

Fasting Fast2023-09-27T10:57:07-05:00
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