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CCF Season

Well we have rounded the corner from summer to autumn. Yes, it is still technically summer but you can see the writing on the wall. Some early leaves changing, a little darker in the am and pm, and the crisp morning air. It is an invigorating time of year but don’t FALL into the coming [...]

CCF Season2023-09-27T11:09:54-05:00

Fasting Fast

When I asked a patient the other day what she had for breakfast she said, “I don’t eat breakfast because I intermittent fast and the first thing I eat is lunch.”  Oooookkkkk...two problems with that statement. First, BREAK- FAST is not the what you eat in the morning. It is what the hyphenated word says: it is breaking your [...]

Fasting Fast2023-09-27T10:57:07-05:00

She Thinks My Tractor is…..helpful!

A few months ago one of my favorite patients who was a gentle soul of a man, passed away at 103 years old. What is hard to believe is that he served our country in WW2 hoping from island to island, fighting the Japanese. The Pacific theater was brutal but he endured it, served, and saved our country and [...]

She Thinks My Tractor is…..helpful!2023-08-28T10:03:05-05:00

Send them off prepared!

It's that time of year again! Flip the calendar to August and it is school time before you know it. As college students go back to school it is customary to send them care packages-most commonly filled with comfort foods: cookies, muffins, beer (if it's a cool uncle sending the package!) Well, Dr. Jean and [...]

Send them off prepared!2023-08-28T09:56:25-05:00

Sleep Cycles: Catch those Zzzzz’s

Do you know why third shift is nicknamed the “graveyard shift”? It is a grim name for a shift but unfortunately, it accurately depicts what happens to those on it. There is a greater incidence of heart attack and a general decrease in life expectancy for those who work it for extended years. Why? Because [...]

Sleep Cycles: Catch those Zzzzz’s2023-08-28T09:51:10-05:00

A Surprise During a Triathlon

A few weeks ago I went to Omaha to visit my daughter Rachel and her fiancé Steven. While there, we did a triathlon. It's always fun to have something break you out of your comfort zone! Although I have done many triathlons, they still get the blood flowing. Right before the race there was a young girl [...]

A Surprise During a Triathlon2023-08-28T09:37:47-05:00

Life Lessons: Keep Your Wits About You

Spoiler alert: this lesson ends with a full recovery. In June my mother, Sito (Lebanese for grandmother) had a stroke. Fortunately, she lives with my sister and my nephew recognized the issue and took her immediately to the Cleveland Clinic. Literally in under 40 minutes from the time of the stroke, they had a shot [...]

Life Lessons: Keep Your Wits About You2023-08-23T15:50:36-05:00

Healing with Love

I did a house call a couple Sundays ago while I was on a bike ride in the Kettles. I'll have to ask my accountant how I can expense bicycle miles :) What I saw was a wonderful example of a beautiful relationship.  This couple has been married a long time and she is now caretaking [...]

Healing with Love2023-08-23T14:33:47-05:00

I get by with a little help from my friends

A couple of my dearest friends have children that have type 1 diabetes.  Two of my adult friends with type 1 diabetes have died from to low of blood sugar while sleeping. And there are others dear to me who live with this disease every day. Unfortunately, the above situation is shared by just about everyone reading this [...]

I get by with a little help from my friends2023-08-23T11:43:11-05:00

Thought, Word, Deed and Mind, Body, Spirit

Motivational speaker Bob Proctor said, “The body is an instrument of the mind.” He went on and said, “human beings can alter their lives by altering their state of mind.” Mind, body, and spirit. The mental state a person comes in with, either positive or negative, is a strong indicator of how they are going to respond [...]

Thought, Word, Deed and Mind, Body, Spirit2023-08-23T11:34:56-05:00
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